Serving: Northwest Houston, Cypress, Coles

 Crossing, Lakewood Forest, Bridgeland, 

 Fairfield, Blackhorse, Towne Lake,

 Jersey Village, Norchester, Lakewood Grove,

 Tomball, Prestonwood, Anderson Lakes, and

 many more.

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 Northwest Houston

Dog care..
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Besides all the items in the Dog Care section to the left, your cat will receive:

  • Food/water/treats/brushing/petting
  • I will scoop the litter box and clean up accidents or hair, if needed
  • Cats don't like change, so in-home pet sititng is IDEAL for them.


  • Houston "in your home" pet sitting
  • Administer medications
    • Oral
    • Topical
    • Injectable
  • Dependable and mature
  • Years of experience
  • Licensed by the State of Texas, ​
  • Insured
  • Pet First Aid and CPR Certified

    We sit for your    

feathered friends too!!

Macaws, Parrots,       Chickens, etc. 

cat care...

All Star Pet Sitting Services


We service all pets:

  • Birds, large and small
  • Reptiles
  • Snakes
  • Rodents
  • Amphibians
  • Rabbits
  • Chickens

and many more

"I provide pets with

quality care, love

and attention

----but I also provide

pet parents with the

priceless gift of peace of mind."

  • Your dog stays in his safe and secure environment.
  • He is stress free
  • Eats his own customary food
  • Exercise and sleep time in his own home.
  • Avoids exposure to diseases like kennel cough.
  • Individual attention by me.

Elaine and Lucy