I started All Star Pet Sitting Services several years ago and my mission and goal has always stayed the same: take care of our customers pets like they're our own. And that means coming to you and your home for more than just feeding them.   I routinely walk, or play with your animal to make sure that they're not just getting love, but they're also getting some just deserved exercise. 

I  love animals as much as you do. I offer PERSONALIZED CARE
By this I mean, when you hire me, you get me, not an employee you or your pets have never met.  My mission is to establish a  relationship with your a pet so they will feel more secure each time I come over.  By developing a rapport with your pet, I become the "Next Best thing to you". 

Today, along with my pet sitting business I also volunteer at Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) on Katy Freeway in Houston as well as Abandoned Animal Rescue AAR) in Tomball.  See two pictures to the right taken as I'm at Community Outreach events for CAP.

I own three animals of my own, Penny a 4 year old Chihuahua (adopted from CAP) , Suki a Siamese (adopted from CAP) and Buddy, a kitten born to a feral cat. 

Due to her education provided by the various Vets she worked for, Elaine is experienced in giving injections, administering sub-q fluids, pilling, and more.

Here at All Star Pet Sitting Services i truly believe in the "in home" process of animal care.  All animals feel more comfortable and secure in their own environment causing less trauma and stress.